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Official Music Imperium Interview With Stone Wallace

Music Imperium Interview with Stone Wallace



What is your artist name and why have you chosen for this name?
​My artist name is Stone Wallace and I chose this name because it felt right.

What for an artist are you?
I’m a hip hop artist
How would you describe your style, and what makes you special?
 I would say my style is energetic, passionate, and motivational. I think what makes me special is I am authentic with my fans and music. You don’t hear me rapping about money, cars and clothes ​because that’s not the lifestyle I port​ray.
What is your future dream ?
​ My dream is to be a successful entrepreneur in the music business, I plan on running a label where I would be able to develop artist and oversee daily tasks.
How are you currently promoting your music?
I’m promoting my music online and at shows. You can find me on Pandora, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify and via my website Stonewallacemusic.comWhat is your advise to people who would like to become an artist?
I would say just do it, don’t over think it. There’s a lot of information online that can help an artist of any genre of music​ or anything artistically with site like YouTube you can gather knowledgeable information by a click of a button​.​ Its up to you if you want to learn.


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